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#33: Samuel Bisrat: from competitive soccer player to founding Outdoor Kids

Episode Notes

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Samuel Bisrat played football on a competitive level, is now a football trainer and founded Outdoor Kids. We talk about his journey from playing soccer on a competitive level to founding his startup Outdoor Kids. Some more things we cover: What did he learn from playing soccer for his work as a founder? The origin story of Outdoor Kids. Especially important aspects of the startup like the onboarding process of new trainers and community building. You find quite a bit of information about Outdoor Kids in German online, that's why we did this episode in English.

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(0:01:01) the beginning of Samuel's soccer activities (0:02:35) What did playing soccer bring Samuel for his work and life? (0:04:40) transition from soccer player to soccer coach (0:06:11) What did being a soccer coach give Samuel that he didn't get out of being a soccer player? (0:07:26) How did Outdoor Kids come about? (0:11:22) How exactly does Outdoor Kids work? (0:17:13) Status quo of the team. What qualities does a trainer at Outdoor Kids need to have? (0:18:07) Did Samuel ever had to let a trainer go because he couldn't train kids well? (0:20:54) Onboarding process of new trainers (0:23:27) On Scaling Outdoor Kids (0:25:55) How did Corona affect Outdoor Kids? (0:30:43) So far bootstrapped? And open to investments? (0:32:08) Logistical aspect of the operation: Where do the sports courses take place? (0:33:54) Where do headaches occur: Insurance topics? Dealing with the city administration? (0:36:27) About participating in the challenge #GoTeam with Bonnie Strange, Eko Fresh und Philipp Westermeyer (0:43:00) lessons as a founder: focus + prioritizing (0:47:00) Challenges of building a community for Outdoor Kids. Importance of the trainer. (0:51:00) What sports activities get picked the most? (0:54:08) Most rewarding experience as founder of Outdoor Kids so far. (0:56:09) Sources of inspiration for Samuel: favorite podcasts, going deep on Simon Sinek's "Start with Why" (0:59:55) I admit to feeling overwhelmed sometimes in 2020. How Samuel reframes a crisis. (1:04:50) More sources of inspiration: books, mentors. (1:07:36) Closing thoughts - quote from the bible, Mark 8:36: "What does it profit a man to gain the whole world when he lose his soul?"