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#42: Zeeshan Sheikh, how do you build the next Social Audio App for Creators?

Episode Summary

Zeeshan is Founder & CEO of new Social Audio App Space. We talk about his journey from employed Software Engineer to startup founder, what Space offers that Clubhouse doesn't and much more.

Episode Notes

This episode is different: It's not the usual interview that I recorded with my own audio equipment. It is a recording of a conversation that I had on a new Social Audio App called Space. And my guest is none other than the Founder and CEO of that App, Zeeshan Sheikh.

With Zeeshan I talk about his founder journey from working as a Software Engineer to founding his first startup and now his second startup, the Social Audio Platform Space. Space is an app for creators to distribute engaging audio content to their community.

How did Zeeshan get the idea for Space? What were the first hurdles of getting Space up and running? How can a podcaster like me and other creators use Space in the future?

Check out Zeeshan's Social Audio App Space

You'll find Zeeshan on Twitter

The app friday that Zeeshan mentions:

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