The Connecting Dots Podcast

#46: Michael Stroev - lessons from 2 startups and building crypto-backed loans company Nebeus

Episode Summary

Many lessons and inspiration from Michael, who lived all over the world, started 2 companies prior to now being COO of crypto-to-cash loans business Nebeus.

Episode Notes

"If you have the team and trust, magic will happen." ~ Michael Stroev

Michael Stroev (Barcelona) is COO of Nebeus, a company that offers cash loans on cryptocurrency. Before that he founded two other companies.  He lived in Moscow, Paris, Turin (kind of), New York and now in Barcelona. 

This conversation is two things: 1.) A curation of Michael's most interesting lessons and stories from living in so many countries and founding two companies. And 2.) it is a deep-dive into what his current "crypto company" Nebeus does, starting at (37:00). In addition to that we explore what makes cryptocurrency special and different from other currencies.

Note: The episode was recorded on March 11th.

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