The Connecting Dots Podcast

Smaller Dots: Knowledge for the Future

Episode Notes

In this excerpt from Ep. 28 you will hear Fabrizio's opinion on what knowledge will be crucial in the future. The AI program GPT-3 makes it easy to create homepages by just typing in simple text. So what's the point of learning skills and fact-knowledge anymore?  We also discuss if everybody will need to know how to code and the further development of Artificial Intelligence.

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 Fabrizio Gramuglio's mission is to democratize the access to knowledge with the means of Human-Computer Interaction, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Artificial Empathy (AE). He is an expert on those topics and advised or still advises companies like Microsoft, Volvo, Würth Phoenix, and FIAT Lancia and institutions like the European Commission and the European Central Bank.

 He also (co-)founded companies. We talk in detail about his most recent company Xperience Plus - X+. It is an Extended Reality Platform and marketplace, that offers the first full real-time, interactive, on-demand and multi stimuli experiences.

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